What we offerBuild your skills by actually flying difficult instrument scenarios

"After just 3 sessions with Mark at Advanced Aviation Simulators, I felt confident to fly an actual insturument approach into Salt Lake City in my personal aircraft."

Our instructors are actual line pilots who have 121 and 135 flying experience in just about all weather conditions. When you go to other flight schools, you will most likely get placed with a fairly new instrument instructor who has minimal experience. Usually that means just enough skill and experience to get through a check ride.

Our mission is to provide a safe comfortable environment in which pilots can practice difficult instrument flying procedures. We have developed a few scenarios that will challenge you. We can incorporate any level of difficulty you want to challenge you no matter what skill level you're at.

Instrument Training ScenariosYou can choose any level of difficulty

  • Denver International to Aspen Colorado

    Taxi through he intense maze of taxiways at DIA and takeoff for Aspen Colorado where the weather is unpredictable. Mountain flying is challenging enough, but add to that a complex approach and miss approach procedure. Do you have what it takes to fly this flight in a citation jet?

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  • Low visibility Takeoff with engine failure at 150 feet

    You never practiced this one during your multi-engine training. You owe it to yourself, and your passengers, to experience this.

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  • Reno to Salt Lake City

    You start by flying a departure out of Reno, then something goes wrong. Best choice is to divert back to Reno, but the sudden wind shift makes it challenge to get back in.

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  • Rifle Colorado to Grand Junction Colorado

    These airports are fairly close, but there is a lot of instrument work involved when the weather is bad.

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  • Colorado Springs to Pueblo Colorado

    With tons of approaches to choose from in Pueblo, you'd better be ready for anything.

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  • Approaches in Garden City Kansas

    Approach control can't see you on radar. You're on your own. Are you confident you can make it without radar vectors?

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  • Air Ambulance flight

    You're based at KAPA, you get here and check in for duty, and the phone rings. You have 15 minutes to become airborne. The weather isn't looking too good...

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