Unlimited Scenarios


You control weather, location, aircraft weight and balance, fuel supply, equipment malfunctions, engine failures, and much more to create any scenario.

We provide high quality, cost-effective simulators.

We provide AATD'S that meet the appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) for initial and recurrent training. they enable you to manage the cost of your training and maintain a high level of proficiency.


Our Sims

Garmin equipped, FULL VISUAL, DLP Flight Simulators

Our simulators feature fully enclosed cockpits with actual size instruments and flight controls. The flight controls incorporate hydraulic dampening for a realistic aircraft feel creating a realistic environment.

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Jet Landing from MinimumsHow Low Can You Go?

TestimonialsWe Have Trained Over 1,000 Pilots

I started using Advanced Aviation Simulators the day they opened for business, and I am amazed at how they keep providing the latest simulator technology at a very reasonable price! It was so fun working with Lisa and flying her simulators that I became an instructor there. It’s simply the best training at the best price.

Captain, Richard S. ATP, CFI, II, MEI, A&P, Captain Boeing 747 & 777